[dc]H[/dc]i.  I’m Alyssa Johnson, the founder of Remarriage Success.  I’ve been working with and learning from divorced parents for over 15 years.  My mission at Remarriage Success is to help prepare and strengthen remarriages with children so that the alarming re-divorce rate of 75% for these families doesn’t become a reality for you.


So congratulations on finding us!  I want to welcome you and encourage you to begin your journey of success with me today.  Now I know there’s a lot of junk out there on the ‘net.  It’s real easy to find sites that brand you as a horrible person for being divorced.  Then they will go so far as to call you an “adulterer” if you even THINK about relationships after divorce, let alone remarrying.  You’ll find NONE of that here!


Divorce happens.  It’s a reality.  But I want to help prepare you for your life now.  I guarantee you that you’ll find a remarriage with children and a step family is COMPLETELY different from your first marriage.  In my opinion, it’s this lack of understanding that leads to blended family problems and that insanely high 75% re-divorce rate.  With that being said, I want to invite you to look around the site.


You’ll see I have 5 main content areas:  Divorce Advice, Divorce & Children, Dating after Divorce, Second Marriage and Blended Families.  These are meant to quickly provide you with the information you’re looking for.  You’ll find helpful articles and resources to meet your needs, right where you are now!  So what have you got to lose?


Look around, read some articles – oh!  And be sure to leave a comment here and there!  AND – if you really like what you see, be sure to join my weekly newsletter – the Tip of the Week – so you can get even more great info every Friday.




[testimonial1 author=”Kim”]“Quite informative! [Remarriage Success] helped me find positive ways to deal with problems!” [/testimonial1]
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[testimonial1 author=”Dana”]I was so very glad that I found your web-site before getting into a serious relationship. The materials that I found there were extremely valuable, especially the differences between nuclear families and mixed families. We were really prepared for the non stop pace, that there is no “normal”, but there will be a new normal, and that your ex’s are part of the equation. Keep up the good work![/testimonial1]

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