Are You Tired of Being Angry About Your Divorce?

Dealing With Divorce Anger

I just got back from my son’s basketball game. There’s nothing like watching a bunch of five year olds take 10 steps, dribble once, throw an elbow and shoot an air ball to get you laughing and forget about that long to do list you’ve got for later in the day.

You know what really bugs me? When people miss out on enjoying these simple pleasures and everyday joys because they are so wrapped up in being angry at someone for something they did to them in their past.

I’ve seen far too many people run to a therapist to help them sort through their childhoods looking for someone to blame for their current unhappiness. Meanwhile they spend 2 years and too much money and still wind up being unhappy and angry.

One of my favorite things to do is taking someone who has just gone through a divorce, and showing them ways to move past the anger they feel in order to quickly move forward with their life.  They, almost instantly, become a better parent and ultimately a better partner in the process.

How Remarriage Success Changed My Life

As a therapist in my second decade of service, I have worked with many different types of people, facing numerous challenges. I began my career working exclusively with children, and eventually branched out into working with their families. It became clear that if I could work with the parents of these children and their marriages, I could have an even greater impact on preventing the difficulties these children experienced. Out of this change grew my passion for working with couples.

It was in the Spring of 2006 when my 7 year old daughter asked me why a kid would need my help that it all became clear. I was trying to describe the work I do at a level that would make sense to her. As I tried to be as succinct as possible, I realized that about 95% of the time it boiled down to divorce or some other type of break up of these children’s families. Once this realization occurred, I decided that I wanted to do something about it.

At this point, I decided it was time to begin sharing my knowledge, gained from years of experience, in ways other than just in my office.

Here’s the interesting and powerful thing that can change your life. The most damaging thing you can do to yourself and your children right after a divorce, is to hold on to your anger. It spreads like an infection contaminating everything.

Now catch this: there are specific steps you can take right now, that will enable you to let that anger go so you can be a better parent and eventually a better partner!

That is the power of what you will learn in this special report.

Learn the Secrets of Letting Your Anger Go

When you use this system and these secrets, you’ll grow to the place where you can focus on your future rather than be held hostage by your feelings from the past. If you don’t learn and use these secrets that I teach, you are leaving yourself open to causing more harm to yourself and your children.

Everyday I consult with recently divorced individuals just like you who are embittered by everything that’s happening to them. They feel “stuck” and furious about all of the recent events. These feelings lead them to make choices that negatively impact their children and enter into unhealthy new relationships.
 I don’t want this to happen to you!

Here’s what you will learn when you use my secrets and system for dealing with your anger from divorce:

  • Why dealing with your anger is one of the most important tasks to complete right after a divorce.
  • Specific steps to deal with your anger constructively
  • Why the “F word” is so powerful……….and exactly how to use it.
  • The 2 biggest mistakes newly divorced parents make with their kid’s anger…………how to avoid these.
  • How to manage the anger you feel toward your ex……… you can take control of your life instead of wasting it with thoughts and regrets about the past.
  • How to tell if your anger is out of balance……… can find peace again.
  • What to do with your children’s anger when they unleash it on you…………… will be able to draw closer to them rather than be pulled apart.
  • The next steps to take once you’ve mastered the anger………….feel empowered to move forward as a single parent and individual.

Let Me Share My favorite Success story With You…

My favorite story is about the power of these secrets is when I had a client who was so angry she began stalking her ex-husband. She would follow him, and call him at all hours of the night just to tell him how angry she was over an affair he’d had. Her anger got the best of her and she began focusing on ways to hurt him all of the time. These thoughts consumed her to the point where she began to scare her children. She withdrew from them and didn’t hide her distaste for their father. This was a side of their mother, the kids had never seen before. They didn’t know what to do with this “stranger.” But then she came to see me. I used these same strategies and secrets with her. She was able to recognize how much time she was wasting being angry about her past; a past that wasn’t going to change. She realized the damage this anger was causing her children. She also saw how this anger was blocking her ability to move forward into a happy future that was waiting for her. These strategies and secrets allowed her to deal with her anger from divorce, become the parent she wanted to be and begin to prepare herself for a future she wanted to grasp all in a very brief amount of time.

Learn how to deal with your divorce anger in order to be a better parent and partner.

Here’s how one of my clients benefited from learning these secrets:

Joe and Sally recently divorced. As most recent ex’s, they were irritable (to say the least) with one another. Unfortunately, this was impacting the 10 year old son directly. They were making snide comments to their son about each other and their new lifestyle. Their son, Joey, felt stuck in the middle. His grades started dropping and he began to withdraw from his friends and both parents.

It was this drop in grades that brought him to my office. He was able to clearly identify feeling stuck in the middle of his parent’s battles. He described the pain it caused him to hear two people he loved dearly name calling each other and sharing how much they “hated” one another.

With Joey’s help, I was able to explain to Joe and Sally, the impact that their anger was having on their son. Hurting Joey was the last thing they intended to do. Within a few short appointments I was able to teach both parents, together, how to improve their ability to co-parent and manage their anger.

They are all doing really well right now. The last time I talked with them, Joey was on the honor roll, Joe had remarried, and Sally had begun dating again. All of the results came from the tips I will share with you in this special report!


But you don’t have to take just my word for it. Here is what some others have had to say about the secrets and techniques I teach!

Here’s What People Have to Say About My Products:

“I felt your product was very informative. Your comments and ideas are right are target with what we are dealing with. It is refreshing to know that others like us are out there trying to succeed with all the obstacles that we are faced with.”
“My fiance and I really enjoyed the book. It had a lot of information that we were interested in and thankfully had pursued with each other before coming upon the info you provided. It showed us we were on the right track. Still it was a good, confident feeling to know we had gone over these things and had pretty well covered all the important bases you mentioned. We both have a strong desire to research and apply all the things required to make this work the 2nd time around.”
“My fiancé and I have read the book and are currently going through the workbook. Thankfully we have both spent the time necessary to heal and figure out who we are and what we really want this time around. The workbook is indispensable and provides many thought provoking questions to explore.”
“I found the book a solid value. I just started the workbook. The process seems solid.”
“I found this very informative and helpful. I appreciate your dedication to helping new families start off on the right foot.”

“I thought the information was helpful and stirred good conversation between us. We are both very committed to this remarriage, and I appreciated having your website as a resource.”

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